Chef Otto's Affinity with the Mediterranean

White Marble is a Mediterranean grill restaurant by Chef Otto Weibel, Singapore’s grand doyen of the Food & Beverage Industry. A casual dining space that celebrates Chef Otto’s love for the Mediterranean region - its vibrant culture, warm hospitality and distinctive cuisine - one that resonates with his culinary philosophy – quality, fresh produce, simply prepared, to perfection. With the success of Black Marble - a steak and grill restaurant, White Marble continues to draw on Chef Otto’s penchant for quality premium produce, this time focusing on seafood and vegetables. The restaurant showcases his gastronomic journey through the Mediterranean region, recreating classic flavours of the region such as Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, and the Middle East.

The 120-seater restaurant is prominently located at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel - the convergence of Singapore’s busy shopping districts – Tanglin Road, Orange Grove and Orchard Road.

Chef Otto’s affinity with the Mediterranean region started when he was a teenager. He and his family visited Greece, his first Mediterranean destination. It didn’t take long to impress young Otto, in fact, it was love at first sight. Chef Otto was head over heels with the picturesque scenery, the warm culture and captivating cuisine.Chef Otto also recalled visiting a small village in Italy many years ago. The lively camaraderie among the locals and their genuine hospitality was infectious and the experience left a deep impression on him.

Since then, he had the opportunity to visit France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Middle East thereafter for personal and professional trips. His affection for Mediterranean region grew stronger over the years. Though the culture and cuisines may be diverse; the conviviality, familial spirit and their immense respect for produce drew him back to the area regularly.White Marble is Chef Otto’s paean of praise for the Mediterranean region – the food, culture and the hospitality. With Chef Otto’s immersive and rich experience of the cuisine, his repertoire at White Marble showcases a variety of dishes from the three Mediterranean regions – Middle Eastern, Southern Europe and Northern Africa. Diners will experience a wide range of dishes featuring fresh produce and vegetables, herbs, spices and grains.

Spotlights Mediterranean-style Living

The Mediterranean Sea is encircled by 21 countries spanning from the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Northern Africa. The cuisine is food and methods of preparation used by the people living near the Mediterranean Basin. It is an amalgamation of flavours from different cultures.

Several cornerstones of Mediterranean cuisine include olive oil, wine, bread, and dried spices. There are similarities between the food prepared by different cultures, but the cuisine can be divided into three regions.
First is Northern Africa, at the Southern Mediterranean region, which happens to be Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia. Spices play a main role in the preparation of North African food.

Next is Southern Europe, lining the northern shores of the basin, which comprises Spain, France, and Italy. Their food mostly has to do with lots of herbs and wine.
Finally, there is Middle East at Eastern Mediterranean region, which covers Greece, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. The dishes feature cheese, yoghurt, grains and lamb.

The diet deeply integrates with the lifestyle. It promotes healthy and sustainable living through eating fresh local produce prepared with simple cooking techniques to allow the natural flavours to shine through. The local believe in cultivating a balanced social life and connecting with people who matter through good food.